2019: ITOMYCH STUDIO results and achievements

development Dec 27, 2019
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The end of the year is coming. New Year’s bustle and a festive atmosphere cover the city. In the air, you can already feel the New Year spirit. This period is an excellent opportunity to analyze the activity of the team ITOMYCH STUDIO for the last 12 months and to evaluate the results and achievements.

The 2019 Year has stood out very eventful, intensive, but extremely productive. It was marked by victories, qualitative and quantitative changes, and also by invaluable experience for us. If we compared ITOMYCH STUDIO several years ago and today - these are fundamentally two different entities. And the matter is not only in the quantitative indicators that we have achieved and not in the ambitious projects that we developed this year. The case is in the qualitative changes, processes, and approaches that have been successfully implemented in the ITOMYCH STUDIO. Previously, the studio specialized in the development of mobile and web applications, fintech-platforms, and digital loyalty programs. However, we were inspired for new achievements by the analysis of the business structure and goals of the digital product.

This year we have opened a new branch of services in the field of software product development. It is named IT consulting. Today, ITOMYCH STUDIO develops digital products and implements all the processes associated with them, thus helping customers to achieve their goals, saving time and money. Our experts thoroughly study customers’ business needs, explore the problems of organizational structures and business processes, and also help to develop their corporate culture. Now we are developing several fintech ecosystems, that combine software products for the consumer, an orchestration level back-office, and applications for customer support.

ITOMYCH STUDIO is not just a community of like-minded people who outsource and develop applications based on customer requirements. Our goal is to strengthen the business with high-tech solutions. Related to this, in 2019, we decided to expand the fields of the team’s activities and, thus, improve the quality of the provided development and consulting services. Already today, within the framework of ITOMYCH STUDIO, there are such new fields as Business and Product development. Also, the Data Science Engineering department was opened in 2019 in the studio. It is not only one of the most promising trends in software development and fintech industries. It is also a useful tool for security, product development, behavioral analysis, and user personalization.

2019 was a real breakthrough for us, as this year, we reached a fundamentally new level and significantly improved performance. The extension of development was not the only one achievement of the studio this year.

2019 was also marked by holding successful events in ITOMYCH STUDIO. First of all, we have organized a series of meetups as a part of KhMobDevs for IT specialists: iOS, QA, Design, Flutter, .Net. Events have become useful and productive for all participants. We will proceed on improving and maintaining this tradition in 2020. Besides public events, ITOMYCH STUDIO has held a number of internal lectures, including a lecture on hacking systems by Igor Tomych, then was held a hackathon. Also, we organized two large ones for our team - summer and winter. These events became a particular fresh start and a dose of positive emotions for everyone. Also, in the studio, we have celebrated together Shrovetide, Women’s Day, Halloween, Defender’s Day, and New Year. Also, we have organized Roof-party, New Year Kids party, hackathons, more than 10 movie showing, and more than 50 pizza-parties.

2019 was rich in the events year for ITOMYCH STUDIO and looking back at 365 days, we would like to sincerely thank everyone who spent this year with us. The achievements of this year - is the result of the mutual activity of all studio participants.