ALT.NET #5 Text Editor Speedrun

development Dec 17, 2019
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On the 12th of December, the meetup Alt.Net was held at ITOMYCH STUDIO. The speaker was Joshua Light, his meetups use the popularity and this talk isn’t an exception. The stated topic and intriguing announcement attracted many people, and the event brought together more than 30 participants in our office. We talked about speeding up and improving work with text. The speaker of the meeting was Joshua Light, first of all, he assured that the information presented of the meetup will be useful for everyone and will help developers save their time and effort.

Vim is an editor that allows editing a text without taking your hands off from the keyboard, without using the mouse and avoiding complex key combinations with Alt, Ctrl, and others. At the very beginning, the speaker has presented all the opportunities that can be reached through the use of the editor Vim. We have examined the command mode and found out the simplest combinations for working with text, namely the cursor movement in different directions. And after studying the standard command mode, we changed the subject to the topic “insert mode”. This is a functionality that allows you not just to edit the text but add new characters, words, and lines. The speaker has provided examples that help an audience to understand the work of the editor in practice. Then, the speaker has demonstrated how to delete whole words and lines instantly with one sweep. Also was demonstrated how to move between the lines, how to move the cursor a few words forward, how to copy, change the words. Also, the search functionality by code and a lot of new interesting combinations were presented by the speaker. The Vim tool also allows you to create your combinations of keys and scripts that are convenient for you. It also makes it possible to record combinations and commands in the memory.

Thus, during the event, students have acquainted themselves with the basic and specific combinations of Vim, learned how to edit the text, became familiar with must-have features, with macros, with navigation functionality, and necessary scrolling.

Among the advantages of the Vim tool, there are:

  • Simplicity and accessibility of functionality;
  • No need to use a mouse;
  • Objectively improved the speed of the work with a text.

He also assured that, on average, 2-3 weeks are enough for a full study of the Vim functionality. After that, all combinations will already become familiar. You will generally forget about the mouse. And it’s worth it.

The meetup was productive and exciting, we grateful to the speaker, organizers and all the participants of the event for it! See you soon!