Android UI tips and tricks

lection Oct 1, 2020
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It is not a secret that the keys to qualitative work are self and team improvement. People join the team with a formed skillset. Therefore, training and long-term development are the driving force that creates a learning microclimate in a team. The mechanism will work smoothly and effectively only through constant development.

That’s why ITOMYCH STUDIO has skill-up strategies for our specialists in various fields. As part of our strategy, we organize monthly educational events: meetings, lectures, conferences. They can be internal: ITOMYCH STUDIO members act as speakers and share knowledge, or external: we invite speakers from different companies who are also happy to share their experience.

October is no exception and we are having an online lecture on Android UI tips and tricks. However, this time we have decided to extend the audience and invite everyone to the event.

We are glad to introduce the speaker: Pavlo Dudka - Software Engineering Manager of the Facebook application! He will cover the topic of the Android interface, share his experience, and answer your questions.

The free online lecture on “Android UI tips and tricks” will take place on October 5, at 18:00 in Zoom (because we care about your health)!

To take part in the lecture, please submit a form below.

See you at Zoom!