Flutter-meetup in ITOMYCH STUDIO

development Nov 20, 2019
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November 14th ITOMYCH STUDIO held one more meet up as a part of KhMobDevs. This time it was dedicated to the cross-platform framework Flutter. This topic is trending for a wide range of developers: iOS, Android, React Native and even for frontend developers.

The meetup started from a report by Yegor Logachev. He provided information about the Dart language.

His report consisted of three parts:

  • variables and data types;
  • functions and classes;
  • asynchrony.

First of all, Yegor defined variables, told what they are and how to use them in different cases. After that, participants were able to consider various types of data: bool, int, double, string, runes, symbol and learned its characteristics. Functions and classes of Dart were considered in the same way.

Thus, all participants learned the main functionality of Dart and its advantages. Yegor exemplified and showed everything in screenshots. He answered all the questions that arose during the presentation and explained moments that were not clear to the audience.

The second speaker of the meetup was Alexander Klimenko, he told the audience how the development process on Flutter goes and also about widgets and animations with the Flutter animation framework. The lecture started with general information about Flutter. Alexander told about navigation - ways to switch between different parts of the application and the features of interaction with the screen stack.

The next topic was widgets, which are of 3 types: stateles, stateful and inherited. Next, we reviewed the layout process on Flutter. As it turned out, it is based on three widgets: Column, Row, Stack. Each of them was considered by the speaker separately. He told how to develop step by step on the basic screen that usually designers provide, explained with an example which elements belong to columns, which to rows, and which to Stack.

After that speaker spoke about various types of animation: sheduler, ticker, tween, animation, animation controller, curve. He showed step-by-step how to create them, demonstrated how to put it into practice.

Speakers’ presentations were interactive: during each presentation, participants asked questions and participated in discussions. We are pleased that the meetup as a part of KhMobileDevs was productive and we plan to continue a series of similar events. We look forward to the next meetup, the results of which we will publish in our blog. In order not to miss the next event, join our group on Facebook and follow the updates. See you soon!