Git Internals

lection Mar 29, 2021
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The popularity of Git has explosive growth in recent years. This version control system is used by various open-source projects.

Git is a set of console utilities that track and commit changes in files (most often we are talking about the source code of programs, but you can use it for any files you like). You can roll back to an older version of your project, compare, analyze, merge changes, and much more with Git. This process is called version control. There are various systems for version control. You may have heard of them: SVN, Mercurial, Perforce, CVS, Bitkeeper, and more.

Git is distributed, it does not depend on a single central server that stores the files. Instead, it works entirely locally, storing data in folders on your hard drive called a repository. However, you can keep a copy of the repository online, which makes it a lot easier for multiple people to work on the same project.

If you are interested in Git, our new lecture is a great chance to deepen your knowledge and learn new information about this functionality.

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