ITLoyalty PRO MeetUp

products Nov 22, 2019
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We promised - we’ve done it! October 10 we’ve released the long-awaited Update 3.3 IT Loyalty. And October 23, we brought together representatives of Kharkiv’s leading IT companies at the ITOMYCH STUDIO office on the IT Loyalty PRO Meetup to present a new version of the application.

The IT Loyalty PRO’s goal is to improve the employer brand development process of IT companies. Now the mobile app allows employees to attend educational and entertainment events, and HR can effectively manage these processes.

Igor Tomych, a founder of ITOMYCH STUDIO, was the speaker of the event. He explained what an employer’s brand is and why Ukrainian IT-companies need it. Employer brand is a reputation, an opportunity to work with the best talents, and an intangible asset in the IT business. It includes PR, event management, team communication, and social media marketing.

Developers team has added a new module PRO into IT Loyalty to improve the employer brand. It helps to digitalize communication processes with employees within the company and makes the brand visible from the outside. It is also an event management tool. The new module fulfills the tasks of employee training, attendance, and event organization. It allows simplifying organizational processes - registration, payment, management of the participants, promo codes, and coupons.

Features of module IT Loyalty PRO:

  • creating and managing corporate calendars;
  • creating own calendars or import events from external resources;
  • managing visibility, the privacy of events and guest list;
  • event request processing;
  • employee compensation and motivation management;
  • special discounts from event organizers for group visits.

In addition, the IT Loyalty PRO package includes all the features of the basic IT Loyalty package: discounts from 10 to 50% of 40 vendors (including Japan, Sweeter, Paris), offers with special prices on Turkish Airlines and UIA. As well as an average of 3 new vendors per month (including exclusive ones such as Paris, Amelie, Stydno byt neschastlivym) and ongoing promotional codes for events.

Igor presented IT Loyalty packages, which are available for ordering and described the benefits each of them:

  • ITLS Small (up to 20 employees);
  • ITLS Medium (up to 100 employees);
  • ITLS Big (up to 500 employees);
  • ITLS XBig (up to 1000 employees);
  • ITLS Exclusive (upon request).

It has to be said that the participants received an invitation to the event and registered for participation already through the calendar of application IT Loyalty. They were able to verify how it works. At the end of the event, we demonstrated how the application works from the admin side and how you can apply all the features of the module.

In the office ITOMYCH STUDIO was a friendly and pleasant atmosphere; our guests enjoyed cupcakes and coffee, discussed the presentation and exchanged experiences.

We are grateful to everyone who joined the event and shared with us the joy of a successful project. And if you want to develop your employer brand, together with IT Loyalty PRO contact us by [email protected] and we will discuss our cooperation.