ITOMYCH STUDIO on NOAH Conference and FinTECHTalents 2019

development Nov 7, 2019
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The year 2019 was marked by dynamic development and was full of exciting events for the ITOMYCH STUDIO team. The end of the year was no exception. The founder of ITOMYCH STUDIO, Igor Tomych, and VP of business development, Yuriy Soshenko, took part in two outstanding events in the UK at the end of October. They visited the NOAH 2019 conference and the Ultimate Global Fintech Festival FinTECHTalents 2019.

Our team collaborates with financial institutions around the world. The team has more than five years of experience in developing and implementing powerful fintech products for the UK, Europe, and the Middle East market. Now we actively cooperate with Project Imagine and have implemented the large-scale fintech Dozens project, which allows you to issue cards, make payments, invest in bonds. Dozens has more than 20,000 customers at this moment. And it entered the list of 100 FinTech Disrupters and the UK Startup 100 Index.

Since the UK is considered the homeland of the most potent fintech projects, we decided not to ignore the London conferences this year. First of all, in order to keep abreast of new developments and ideas, as well as to introduce the team on the world scene.

ITOMYCH STUDIO on NOAH Conference 2019 in London

NOAH Conference is one of the most trendy and popular conferences in the UK. Fintech service providers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and newcomers in fintech usually gather at these conferences. The conference is held for networking, exchanging experience, presenting the results of their work and achievements.

The conference was held at London’s Old Billingsgate on October 30-31 this year. It brought together the most prominent representatives of the world fintech industry. The most impressive part of the NOAH conference was the presentation from startups and newcomers in fintech. Their innovative ideas and energy boost attracted investors.

Frankly speaking, such events are an excellent opportunity to make yourself known, get to know the leaders of the industry, to exchange knowledge and experience, and learn much useful information and establish useful contacts.

Our team on FinTECHTalents 2019

More than 3000 participants took part in FinTECHTalents, among which were representatives of more than 400 different financial institutions. Speakers of Rockstar and members of steering committee such as Citibank, ING, TSB, Santander, HSBC, Hargreaves Lansdown, BBVA, AIG та Groupe Societe Generale were also present there.

FinTECHTalents is more than 50 hours of content sessions, useful networking, exchanging of experience, exciting presentations, much information and also craft beer, music, and a pleasant atmosphere for communication. This event - is a wonderful place for fintech beginners. This is where you can take the experience of the industry leaders and present your ideas to potential investors. The representatives of our team were especially inspired by the level, format, and quality of the organization of this festival.

The event helped them to find many useful contacts, establish business relations with partners, share their own experience, and learn the experience of competitors. They had the opportunity to discuss the achievements of the fintech industry, technological changes with other participants.

Presentation of the Dozens on FinTECHTalents 2019

FinTECHTalents 2019 has become a particularly outstanding event for the ITOMYCH STUDIO team. At this event, we presented the Dozens Project Imagine platform at the first time. Now it can be integrated with any third-party provider and mobile application.

Project Imagine Dozens was implemented from concept to production-ready solution in just 9 months. 99% of IT service providers could not undertake such a project and decide on development, but we succeeded.

First of all, the Project Imagine platform was developed to help fintech projects accelerate the process of developing new products and simplify their way to market.

Since we work with a real business, we know for sure that being an expert in technologies only is not enough. Fintech institutions, investment funds, and digital banks need to know their users’ behaviors. That is why the Project Imagine platform has integration with data warehouses; they collect information from mobile applications and service providers to transfer them to Data science and analytical tools.

The fintech concept of the PI1 platform is the best solution for start-ups, as the technical problems are solved with minimal time and money.
The ITOMYCH STUDIO team has developed more than 10 fintech-products for companies in the UK and the Middle East, including investment platforms, financial systems, web applications, and mobile banking applications.

We are proud that the implementation of such complex projects is within our team power. And if you want to join us to participate in the development of fintech projects and move with us to success, leave your CV at the form on the website.