ML Kit Firebase basics

лекція Oct 29, 2020
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Highly qualified, motivated, and dedicated developers are the key to the success of any team and project. We are interested in developing our own players at ITOMYCH STUDIO and we pay special attention to this. We understand that only with a strong team you can create top-notch mobile and web applications. One of the methods that we use for this is hosting systematic lectures on interesting topics. We have recently decided to expand the boundaries and are sharing our educational activities with everyone.

After a successful lecture from Pavel Dudka, we decided not to stop there, and organize the next event this week.

AI, along with object identification, text recognition, voice recognition, and other delights, is increasingly entering our lives. Firebase’s ML Kit is a set of essential features that you can use while developing applications to simplify your daily tasks.

Actually, not everyone knows about such possibilities, so on November 3 at 18:00 we will be happy to fix that!

Our leading Android developer Sergey Omelyanovskiy will share his own experience and a lot of useful information on this topic!

Don’t miss the opportunity to join our interesting event and learn new ML Kit knowledge from Firebase!
Sign up now in the form below and join our event on November 3 at 18:00 at Zoom!

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