Product outsourcing-meetup in ITOMYCH STUDIO

development Dec 12, 2019
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On the 5th of December, the next meetup as a part of KhMobileDevs took place at ITOMYCH STUDIO. It was dedicated to product outsourcing. Andrey Osipenko was a speaker of the meetup. He is a product manager of the Dozens at ITOMYCH STUDIO. At first, the speaker introduced himself to the audience, talked about his experience and achievements in the IT, and also summarized what will be discussed at the event.

First of all, we considered the characteristics of the product manager and project manager professions. It turned out that the responsibility of the first specialist includes: Scope, Deadlines, Team, Resources, etc. And the second, in turn, is responsible for revenue, conversions, number of users, Strategic Planning, etc.
Then Andrey analyzed the Ukrainian market of outsourcing according to the main metrics:

  • customer Acquisition Cost (CAC);
  • employee Acquisition Cost (EAC);
  • marginality.

The speaker reviewed the market of outsourcing for the periods 1990-2000, 2008-2015, 2015-2019 — traced trends, features of its development, and performances of the metrics listed above. We also talked about the prospects that are probably waiting for us in the future, namely, about the alternative of moving from outsourcing to consulting with the provision of services.

After that, Andrey provided information about the accumulation of business expertise in the domain and provided the following advice:

  • get access to product analytics;
  • help the customer make decisions based on metrics;
  • get access to Customer Support or another source of feedback from customers;
  • orient the client to usefulness, help the client done less but earn more.

During the meetup, a relevant question arose: “Why is the product better than outsourcing?“The answer was convincing: the product can be easily scaled, its margin is much higher, and the cost of hiring personnel is lower, on the contrary (people always want to work with a product). The high competition was named as a disadvantage.

Then, Andrey considered the central conflict of product development in outsourcing and answered the question: why is it so difficult to switch from product outsourcing to product development? Some options were proposed to simplify this process through the use of such practices: a fixed price per month or bonuses, depending on business results.

At the end of the event, the speaker lists the skills that the PaaS team needs to have for effectively and productively work:

  • understand product metrics;
  • generate and propose new ideas;
  • have presentation skills;
  • be able to set, verify, and correctly interpret hypotheses.

At the end of the event, the speaker answered all the questions of the audience and actively debated with them. All participants of the event were in high spirits and were satisfied with the meetup. We have received much positive feedbacks from participants and look forward to the new meetings. And we are glad that KhMobDevs pushes the limits and now includes events not only for developers but also for managers, marketers, and other IT specialists.