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09 September 2021 15:00

JS Meetup

Lermontovska Street 11, Kharkiv
Andrey VerovkinAnna Korzhavykh
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Who should enroll?

Junior Engineers
Junior Engineers

who want to learn how to write clean code and to get a development plan for the future

Middle Engineers
Middle Engineers

who want to improve the quality of their code and to learn the principles of using React Hooks

Senior Engineers
Senior Engineers

who are interested in non-standard technological solutions for functional components lifecycle and would like to network and learn from the experience of like-minded people


Implementing Lifecycle Methods with React Hooks
Speaker: Andrey Verovkin
  • Class components vs functional components
  • Implementation of basic lifecycle methods
  • Subscriptions, unsubscriptions, and other side effects
  • Component state update
Clean Code
Speaker: Anna Korzhavikh
  • Variable names
  • Functions
  • Comments and formatting
  • Methodologies: DRY, KISS, YAGNI


Andrey Verovkin

JS Team Lead

Andrey Verevkin is JS Team Lead and one of the leading Engineers at ITOMYCH STUDIO. He has over 8 years of experience in JS engineering. Andrey mainly specializes in the development of front-end applications but also has extensive experience in Node.js development. He is an irreplaceable team mentor and a highly qualified fintech expert.

Anna Korzhavykh

Senior JS Engineer, Tech Lead

Anna Korzhavykh has over 6 years of experience in JS engineering. She has been cooperating with ITOMYCH STUDIO for 3 years. She mainly specializes in working with ReactJS. Being a mentor of JS-beginners, she is always willing to share her experience and knowledge with other team members.

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09 September 2021 15:00
Lermontovska Street 11, Kharkiv

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