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Dozens — New UK Financial Institution

About the App:

The Dozens app closes the divide between two essential financial needs. The first is ease. It makes money management easier and smarter by using technology inventively. The second is value. It houses new financial products we have developed to help customers maximize their money’s potential. Usually, customers have to use different services for these, making things harder and inaccessible. Dozens is a digital product which helps clients with their complete financial journey.

Dozens’ users get a current account, saving and budgeting tools, access to higher returns and investment management — all in one app.

Main features of the App:

A UK current account

Users get a current account that’s complemented with a sort code, account number, and a striking debit card.

  • Direct debits & bank transfers
  • Card freeze/unfreeze
  • Top-ups in-app with a debit card or Apple Pay
  • International transfers
  • Send and request money
  • Split bills.
Smart budgeting

How much can an app user spend today? The app will work it out for a customer, based on expenses history. Smart daily and weekly budgeting helps a customer to save in real life, in real time.

5% p.a. fixed interest bonds

The bonds have been designed to open up access to higher returns for the audience whose needs are not usually covered by traditional financial offers. So the minimum amount is only £100, there’s no lock-in, and the interest is paid monthly.


In total, the team of 80+ experts has been working to deliver a digital financial institution in 9 months. We started development from the idea, created a design, developed an app, released it, and continued working on new features now.

Our team comprises:

  • CTO
  • Software architects
  • Designers
  • iOS developers
  • Android developers
  • Backend developers
  • Frontend developers
  • Manual QA engineers
  • Automation QA engineers
  • Product owners
  • Business analysts
  • DevOps engineers.

Every expert in our team is responsible for the specific part of the application. “Being responsible” is not just a label or a line in the CV. The responsible person knows everything about the specified feature, understands the tech basics of the functionality. The main measurement of responsibility is the result. The real measurable result is the real highly-performing application.

Technology Stack

  • Native mobile applications — Swift & Java
  • Core backend solution — .net
  • Frontend — React


This product has started in March 2018 and still going on. We have a backlog of features to develop for one year ahead.

The results

The results of this product are undoubtedly impressive. Dozens is not only a product. It is an off-the-shelf business system. Dozens applications are in the App Store and Google Play. The most valuable in the creation of this product is the dedication of teams. Product team, design team, development team — we all work as one structure. We all put our hearts and souls into Dozens. We understand that working on the project like this is arduous and inspiring.

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